I find deep joy and gratitude in
walking by your side and offer you
my intuitive guidance

I am a believer in the heart.
I believe we come from love and are love, it is our home.
Returning or coming "home" is at the core of my work.

I am a firm believer in finding balance between our feminine and masculine parts, yin and yang, a state of "being" and a state of "doing".

I believe in the power of perspective and how things can shift when we choose a different angle, that choice creates space, and within that space more possibilities.

I use all my tools, my embodiement practice, my intuitive and channeling abilities, my life experience and my love for life to guide you back home, back to you, back to your soul and body.

The format of my sessions vary, according to each individual. It can be a series of sessions over a few weeks, a few months,
or just one session.
I work online as well as in person.
I also offer embodiment practice workshops for children, teenagers and adults, in a private setting and in the workplace as well.

Intuitive Guidance
& Channeling

Intuitive Guidance & Channeling are the foundation of any sessions.
These are sessions where we talk, sharing whatever is comning up for you, wherever you feelt stuck or blocked.

I use my intuition and channeling abilities to guide you and help you navigate and move forward.
In those sessions, I will invite you to connect to your body and will teach you how to listen to your voice and navigational system.
The format is flexible, it can be just one  session, or a serie of session over a few weeks, months.

Soul Life Readings
& Soul Readings

In a Soul Life Reading, I tune into your chakras and share the condition of each chakras.

Chakra (cakra in Sanskrit) means "wheel" and refer to energy points in the body. There are 7 chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakra. Each chakra represents an aspect of your life.

In a Soul Reading, I connect to your soul and share what I hear, feel, sense and see to help you move wherever you feel blocked.

Past Life Regressions

The purpose of a Past Life Regression is to heal an aspect of your life that needs healing.
You will be shown the past life that you need to see.

In those sessions, you are lying on your back..As you close your eyes and relax your body. I guide you into a deep relaxed state to access a past life.

There is a sense of familiarity when visiting a past life, that allows you to connect and understand things at a deep level.
The healing that occurs can be deep, subtle and powerful

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral is a hands-on therapy that allows an experience of deep relaxation and inner stillness.
In this deep relaxed state, the body releases tensions and traumas at its own pace and its own priorities.

With this sense of deep listening and safety, the body’s innate healing potential has the space and opportunity to emerge and restore.

Changes, such as release of tension, a sense of lightness and wholeness, may occur in the physical and emotional body, in the mind and spirit during and after the sessions.

Some of the conditions that may respond well to
Craniosacral Therapy:






sleeping problems



post dental trauma

headaches & migraines



poor digestion


visual disturbances

back & neck pain


emotional issues

birth trauma


bone & joint problems

support following surgeries and more…


for more information www.thewonderinyou.com

Hello Body

In a Hello Body session you are invited to gently explore, feel and sense your body and mind, through games, movements, breathing and meditations. You move effortlessly from a state of "doing" to a state of "being", embodied.

An alignment happens between your body and mind. The mind can rest, there is no longer a pull into the past or a push into the future. There is space to connect with your intuition and better understand and manage your emotions.

A sense of trust and safety can emerge. Inspired by my study of Awareness Through the Body and my Craniosaral Therapy practice, the sessions are joyful, playful and restfull allowing the nervous system to self-regulate and your vibration to rise to a higher frequency.

Sessions are mostly given as group, to children, teenagers and adults, for personal purpose or professional. It is a beautiful space to offer  in conferences and the workplace.

My life journey has been my lesson, and I believe it is the gift I have to share with you. I remember having a very strong sense of wanting to "help" people when  I was a child. I wanted to be of help, always. I started with myself.

The path to get there was quite interesting, from graphic designer, to photographer, to Craniosacral Therapy Practitionner, to Metaphysician Practitionner where I fully embraced my intuitive and channeling abilities.

I know what it means to be carried by the Universe, to surrender and allow that bigger force to hold you. That's how I have been traveling unknowingly for the longest time.

I am passionate about the afterlife and what lays in other dimensions. The knowledge I have acquired clarified so many things and that new vision brought a sense of deep peace. I feel I have a responsibility in sharing that knowledge with whomever is interested.

what people say

"I came to see Dina for her cranio sacral therapy sessions  - wanting to give this modality a try without expecting much of it. The experience that I then had was astounding in that it felt so deeply restorative, almost transformational through invoking a physical and emotional sense of being safe, held, loved. My body and my whole being come to release and relax under Dina’s treatment like nowhere else and I tell myself after each session ‚I will come back here, because the state I am in now is the state that feels closest to how I know I am supposed to feel in this life: connected, loving, peaceful and grounded‘."

"I came to Dina a very different person than the person I am today. It is her kindness, patience and enlightenment that allowed me to be the person I am proud to be now"

"I am so grateful to Dina for her warmth and wisdom in helping me navigate my fears and vulnerabilities. I feel heard and understood when I am with her. This makes it possible for me to explore, with honesty, thoughts and feelings that I have hidden even from myself. She creates a connection with her deep listening and, through this, a sense of safety and a space in which to release blockages and tensions which are held in the body"

"Dina skillfully facilitated my journey to reconnect with my inner self during our session. She posed insightful questions that allowed me to explore and understand the emotions I had been suppressing. Her ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space enabled me to experience profound peace and acceptance throughout the session. Dina's expertise truly shines in her capacity to guide clients toward emotional release and inner harmony."


"I wish to thank you for your very important contributions to the Safe Havens Conference in Mexico City. I know for sure that your sessions had profound impact on the participants - including myself. Your warmth, your wisdom and your dedication were all extremely important parameters to achieve the right ambience and the feeling of togetherness that are so important for the Safe Havens meetings to be something more than just another conference. It is a meeting for and with the global network of defenders of the artistic freedom, with all our vulnerabilities and it needs to be a safe and peaceful place. Your contributions were just on the right mark and are most appreciated."

Safe Havens Freedom Talks (SH|FT)

Feel free to get in touch for any enquiries, consultations or appointments.